In 20 year of experience  with all range of services  from cruise ships pleasure crafts up to mega yachts I decide to established  Adriatic Solution company who will put together all my knowledge, contacts and carefully selected subcontractor. My mission is to make life of yacht managers, captains and yacht owners easier and more comfortable. Adriatic Solution is actual provider of a wide range of services, a parts/products distributor, a consulting team of specialists, a fuel trader, a berth and reservation management company; it provides its clients with a full range of support and assistance, provisioning and services.

Adriatic Solution technical department takes care of all Technical Services and supplies: captains, engineers and officers will always be supported by a team of professionals available 24/7 to help yachts running in compliance with Flag and Class Registry especially for what is concerned to bureaucratic, safety and structural requirements. Its team of carpenters, electricians, metal workers is trained to solve the most tricky issues; the Safety side is covered with its certified service station as far as annual LSA inspections are concerned, signals/pyros supply and disposal in accordance with SOLAS. Deck provisioning and Spare Parts sourcing are a major key point of the business. As part of new network of chandlers under the brand Captain Marine Store and their 3.000 sqm total warehouse we are able to satisfy all your request.